Nuevo Teatro Alcalá

Calle de Jorge Juan, 62 28009 Madrid
91 426 47 79

The Nuevo Teatro Alcalá opened its doors in 1972, built and designed by architect Luis Ferrero. During its first years, it was named Coliseo Pardiñas, to be later renamed Coliseo Alcalá and a few years later Teatro Alcalá Palace. During this time under the name Teatro Alcalá Palace, the most prominent flamenco figures altogether with major zarzuelas paraded through its stage.

For fourteen years, its curtains closed and silenced reigned in the stage until in 2001, businessman Alejandro Romay, together with architect Margarita Massó built the current Nuevo Teatro Alcalá on the same spot were the old Teatro Alcalá Palace previously stood.

Since then , the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá has established itself as one of the best theatrical venues in Madrid, its name bound to some of the biggest Musical theatre hits of recent years, such as Grease, Priscilla, Queen of the dessert and the wonderful Billy Elliot, which lasted 3 successful seasons seasons in Madrid.

Through its history, some mythical shows have been represented on its stage, such as Jesus christ Superstar, featuring Camilo Sexto and Ángela Carrasco, Tanguera and Campanadas de boda, from illustrious theatre company La Cubana.

The venue is also a reference in the business, known for the celebration of Live music. All this assets are complemented by the architectural value of the building without compromising its comfort and of course being equipped with the latest technology innovations in the show business.

In September 2022, ‘Matilda’, one of the most awarded and internationally acclaimed musicals, will premiere.

The building comprises 2 stages, rehearsal room, clothes storage room and cafeteria. Main stage has a 1.240 seating capacity. Stage 2 has a 250 seating capacity.

The building offers every accessibility option, with elevators and restrooms at every floor and also disability ramps to ensure all access.
Its exceptional technical endowment allows great quality and complex productions.


Located at the mezzanine, at the same level as the Stalls area, a classic style cafeteria offers a wide area for refreshments, with large windows framing the main façade and filling the space with natural light.

A vast array of tables and a large bar complete this comfortable space, perfect for sharing snacks and drinks as a complement for the show.
The access hall features a bar, and 2 more at the auditorium, one at each side.

Clothes storage room

Located at the main floor, at the access hall that serves as communication hub for the building.





Closed until September.


Metro: L2,L4,L9 – Príncipe de Vergara

Autobuses EMT:  29, 52, 15, 152, 146 y L2

Parkings: Calle Alcalá 108, Calle Goya 115, Calle del General Díaz Porlier 6, Calle del Conde de Peñalver 14, Calle Hermosilla 82, Calle O’donnell 33

With a 250 seats capacity, this stage offers an idilic space for those shows requiring closeness to the audience. Its circular shape and the option of retiring all the seats as a posible room configuration, make it the perfect place for all kinds of events. Direct access from the street to the stage and connected to the main hall via elevator. In late years, this stage has hosted very succesful shows, such as Los hombres son de Marte…, Sex Escape and Tuppersex. Stage 2 has become a reference for Children oriented shows like Hansel y Gretel or Caperucita roja.



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